Resin cartridge for sealing

  • 300mL
  • Wall fixture
  • Screw-on
Resin cartridge for sealing

18.33 € tax excl.

Shipment time : 72h

Accessories for shade sails

Specially designed for your shade sail installation, this accessory reinforces the anchoring of wall fixings. Also suitable for screw-on base plates and adjustable wall plates for your shade sail masts.

Cartridge of sealing resin with 2 cannulas - 300 ml.  One cartridge allows the sealing of two mast bases to be screwed.

This chemical sealant, in stone or grey, will give your wall anchors optimum resistance to the pulls exerted by your sail and by the wind.

It is suitable for wall anchors, screw-in bases and adjustable mast wall plates.

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