Made-to-measure Roller Shade Sail

This configurator will help you to create your custom-made roller shade sail.

The advantages of the roller shade sail: The roller is a mechanism that allows the shade sail to be folded and unfolded in less than a minute. This saves time compared to a conventional installation. In order to maximise the life of your shade sail, we recommend that you roll it up whenever you are not using it or when the weather conditions are not very good (strong winds, thunderstorms, ...). The reel will guarantee ease of use and durability.

Once you have chosen the shape, material and colour that suits you, you have two choices: you already know the size of the sail or you prefer to simply indicate the distance between the fixing points. You then select the furling axis and the position of the rope.

Then add the masts and fixings according to your environment.

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Stainless steel mousqueton
Recessed : 8 cm
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