Adjustable pole XL with shroud

  • Fixtures included
  • Height: 300 cm
  • 2 bases
Pole color
Adjustable pole XL with shroud

299.17 € tax excl.

Shipment time : 72h

Shade cloth post size XL with inox shroud

If you are looking for a material solution that combines quality, flexibility and design for tensioning your shade sail, then the XL adjustable pole (300 cm) is for you! It can be fixed to the ground or to a wall, which offers great possibilities. Thanks to its slide, you can adjust the position of your shade cloth according to the sun, so that you can enjoy your outdoor space to the full.

Pole for shading sails with shroud

This anodised aluminium pole guarantees a strong and stylish installation. Because of its greater height than the standard mast (300 cm), a stainless steel cable stay is added and required to balance the tensions. This stay is included with the mast.

The ring allows the sail to be attached to the full height of the mast using a track. The ring is removable: remove it easily in the winter and slide it back onto its base in the spring!

Tensioning system with rope + pulleys included

Height: 300 cm

Pole material: Aluminium

Diameter: 110 x 80 mm 

Weight: 12 to 20 kg depending on the base.

Guarantee: 2 years

Made in Europe

The 300 cm mast is sold with an inox shroud (whatever the base).

Elements included with the high mast for shade sails

Tensioning system for Espace Ombrage mats

Tension system

To tension the sail correctly. Single pulleys for the standard version, double pulleys for the reinforced version and a tensioner for the short version.

Slide for adjustable mast

The slide

To adjust the height of the attachment point of your shade sail in a few seconds.

Adjustable mast cleat

The cleat

To wind the rope onto the mast and getting a clean and tidy installation at all times.

The “reinforced” tension system (for Australe 340 and Acryl 300) contains 2 double pulleys versus 2 simple pulleys for the “standard” version. The double pulleys can host an additional rope loop between the sail and pole: this facilitates the tension of the sail and makes the installation more resistant.

Screw-on base

Base to be screwed

For hard floors such as concrete slabs or terraces with wooden joists. 2 versions: vertical or inclined. The tube measures 50cm.

Material: Galvanised steel. You can complete your installation with a base cover which will cover the screw-on plate, its threaded rods and bolts. This product is optional and will finish your installation on your terrace. The screw-on base can be fixed on a ballast support to avoid any drilling.

Adjustable wall plates

Adjustable wall plates

For leaning the pole against a wall, when it is not possible to fix to the ground. You will receive a set of bolts and nuts as well as two wall plates with rings in which the pole will be inserted. The plates are adjustable to fit the tensioning axes of the sail(s).

Material: 316 stainless steel. M10 threaded rods and a chemical sealant are required to ensure the robustness of the installation.

Hard ground shroud:

The shroud provides an additional link between the adjustable mast and the ground.

 Cable diameter: 4 mm

Cable length: 170 cm

Weight: 1 kg

Guarantee: 2 years

Additional products for fixing your shade sail

Installation of the 300cm adjustable mast with your shade sails

Step 1: Provide 4 bolts and 4 threaded rods of 12 mm diameter and 150 to 200 mm length to fix the base. Drill with a 14 mm concrete drill bit and make a chemical seal.

Step 2: Simply slide the pole onto the base. Add a plate cover (available as an accessory) to achieve a neat look.

Here is a video explaining the assembly of the screw-in mast:

Step 1: Provide 4 bolts and 4 threaded rods of 12 mm diameter and 150 to 200 mm length to fix the base. Drill with a 14 mm concrete drill bit and make a chemical seal.

Step 2: Ensure a minimum distance of 70 cm between the 2 plates. Make a chemical seal. Simply insert the mast into the two plates.

Here is a video explaining the assembly of the mast with wall plates:

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